Installing MauiKit

The MauiKit can be used as a framework or as a submodule, depending on where and how you want to deploy your project.

MauiKit relies on the KDE framework Kirigami.

MauiKit supports qmake and cmake, you can use qmake to link MauiKit to your project and cmake to build and install Mauikit system wide.

To deploy your project in a GNU Linux system the best way to go is to build and install MauiKit system wide, making use of cmake.

To deploy your project to other systems, such as Android, the best way is to use qmake and link MauiKit to your project as a submodule.

Get MauiKit

MauiKit can be cloned as follows :

git clone git://

Install MauiKit

To install MauiKit system wide, after cloning it just follow this commands:

cd mauikit
mkdir build && cd build
sudo make install

Now that Mauikit is installed system wide you can start making use of it in your project, be it with qmake or cmake.

If you plan to link MauiKit statically, it needs to be included in your project to use its components.

Follow this guide to include MauiKit into the new/existing project :