Getting Started

Getting Started section describes how to include and use MauiKit in your existing / new project.

How to use the MauiKit?

The MauiKit works as a submodule and it relies on the KDE framework Kirigami.

It makes use of qmake to be included into your project and then be built. But you can also now make use of cmake to add it as a subdirectory and linked as a static library.

Step 1 - Install MauiKit

MauiKit can be installed system wide to be used as a framework or be used as a submodule to be statically linked to your poject.

If MauiKit is already installed, follow Step 2 to import and use MauiKit Components in the project

Step 2 - Import MauiKit

Once you complete Step 1, you need to import MauiKit to your project to use the components. Use the following guide to import MauiKit :

Hurray. You're ready to rock-n-roll

Next Steps

To know more about all the components, take a look at the documentation :